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Picture Hanging Specialists will install your artwork, mirrors and memorabilia with accuracy, care and discretion. We offer experienced consultation in all facets of art installation, sympathetic to the design and style of your environment. 


Katrina & Robert Bratton

Inspired by a love for art, Picture Hanging Specialists began in 1999, by husband & wife team Robert & Katrina BrattonTogether they have guided the fledgling business from its humble beginnings to what it is today, Auckland's premier art installation service. 25 years as a picture framer, coupled with a 4 year degree in visual design, has given Robert a unique preparation & equipping, for what he confesses is his dream job. In his own words ..."Whether its a group of Van Goghs or a velvet Elvis, we take great delight in helping our clients to transform their houses into homes".


In many cases, much of our work is hanging irreplaceable and or expensive collections. It also may involve rehanging existing artworks in a freshly renovated house, corporate space, or the client has moved house and simply wants it to feel like a home... their home. Whatever the scenario, our robust curatorial knowledge (accented with an innate creativity) will ultimately be the difference in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Need to hang a heavy mirror?  

Into hollow wall?

The heavy duty hollow wall bracket




How to hang

a group of frames

In this video we show you the basics.

You don't need to be a pro. You just need some household tools, and be able to read a tape measure. Oh, and as many frames as you want to include (more the better). Maybe 7 or 10 initially. For best results use a variety of sizes.  Have fun!

How to hang

3 pictures in a row

As the title suggests, this is how we do 3 items in a row. And thats right, you don't need to be a pro. So whether you're hanging 3 or 33 in a row, this simple method will ensure that they look great, and stay looking great for years to come

Happy hanging!

National Gallery of Victoria

What does one do with too much artwork?

Create a room the size of a small arena

 to store them. Thats what you do!


Home Styling Magazine asks for tips.

7 Q&A's on basic problem solving

for picture hanging DIYers

(rollover here)




1When thinking about where in the house to hang artwork, what are some of the things to consider?

2. How does the scale of your wall & the size of your art influence what works where? What do you    

    recommend for placement of large/small pieces?

3. Any techniques for previewing what might work in a given space? For example: Is using paper cut to size

    & blue-tacking to the wall - a good idea? 

4. If planning a collage or gallery of smaller works, what are the key considerations? Any tips for getting it


5. On an empty wall, is centre always best? What are the options to consider? And what about the height of

    the picture – is there an optimum? 

6. What is best practice for hooks - two at equidistance from the frame? How do you ensure accuracy with

    the wire?

7. How do you counter wall studs when they may not be where you need them?

Art Gallery


Top Ten Picturehanging Tips

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