Katrina & Robert Bratton

Jamie  Chapman

Inspired by a love for art, Picture Hanging Specialists began in 1999, by husband & wife team Robert & Katrina Bratton.

Together they have guided the fledgling business from its humble beginnings to what it is today, Auckland's premier art installation service. 25 years as a picture framer, coupled with a 4 year degree in visual design, has given Robert a unique preparation & equipping, for what he confesses is his dream job. In a passing remark, robert notes, "Whether its a group of Van Goghs or a velvet Elvis, we take great delight in helping our clients to transform their houses into homes".

As the business has grown and matured, so too has its personnel, with the addition of Jamie Chapman, New Zealand painter (MFA, Elam), free-diver, consultant, all-round accurate & intelligent guy. If it wasn't for a sense of humour, you'd swear he was a computer programme.

It's not uncommon to have both guys on the same job at one time. This two-fold increase of artistic expression, can sometimes result in two contrasting concepts of how best to arrange the items to be hung. How is this not a good thing (but hard for the client to make the choice). In many cases, much of our work is hanging irreplaceable and or expensive collections. It also may involve rehanging existing artworks in a freshly renovated house, corporate space, or the client has moved house and simply wants it to feel like a home, their home. Whatever the scenario, our robust curatorial knowledge (accented with an innate creativity) will ultimately be the difference in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

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