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Picture Framing Hardware

The Steadfastener

The Steadfastener bracket set is specifically designed to support heavy mirrors and/or artwork into 'hollow' wall. Locating studs is not necessary, as Steadfasteners will carry the weight of heavy items when secured to gibboard only.

NZD$39 for a full set (recommended for most items)

NZD$24 for a half set

NZ customers
Asia Pacific Customers (inc Australia)
Northern Hemisphere Customers

Picture Hooks

Standard picture hook only.

Each pack below contains 20 hooks.

Select size in drop down menu

NZ customers
Asia Pacific Customers
Northern Hemisphere Customers

Picture Hooks with Screw Eyes



The conventional picture hook and matching sized screw eye is the solution for eight out of ten items. The key to this humble partnership is, no string. Not wanting to labour the point, but hooks and eyes used without string will ensure the safest installation of artwork/items.

5kg picture hook: Recommended for A4 size frames and smaller

10kg picture hook: Recommended for A2 - A3 frames

20kg Picture Hook: Recommended for A2 - A0 frames

Each pack below contains 10 sets of hooks and screw eyes (so a total of 20 of each).

NZ customers
Asia Pacific Customers
Northern Hemisphere Customers

Alternative Payment for New Zealanders
New Zealand customers may also pay via bank transfer - please email us with your name, address, phone and details of order. We will then email you with payment details. Alternatively, pay via credit card using PayPal above.

Note: Shipping is additional and further quantities can be specified at checkout. 

How to use



How to use

Picture Hooks and Screw Eyes