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Picture Framing

Infinity Frame Set

A stylish solution for displaying photos on your wall. A picture frame set or photo gallery, made up of 7 different sized frames, called the Infinity Frame Set.

Seven different sized frames in either black or white. The profile of the frame is of a 'box type', therefore allowing room within the recess of the back of the frame to install hangers and fittings. This will permit the frame to sit flush against the wall, which makes for a superior finish when hung with other frames.

This picture frame set of seven frames are designed to hang as a perfect rectangle. Alternatively they can be hung in any variation of your choosing. $345 inc gst, plus postage and packaging per set.

Multiple picture frame sets allow for larger collections of photographs. The example on the right shows the combinaiton of three sets hung over a stairwell in an asymetrical format. This allows for the addition of more photographic memories as your family grows.




Want us to print, frame and install?
If you are short on time, we can organise some or all of your photo wall. We'll print your images, insert them into the frames and if you're in Auckland we can install them in your home.


a. Frame set plus Insertion

Just send us your printed images per the frame set sizes and we'll do the rest.


b. Frame set plus Printing & Insertion

Send us your images in a digital format and we'll print, trim, insert and assemble.


c. Frame set plus Printing, Insertion and Installation

We'll print, insert, assemble and install your frames in your chosen location. Installation is also available as a separate service in the Auckland region at $95 +gst per hour.



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