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Gallery here are some examples and ideas that might help
  This group of memorabilia hangs in the CEO’s office of a private international company in downtown Auckland. Given that the items were previously collected and framed with no intention of creating a uniformed whole they came together quite well. The client was so happy with the initial result that he has doubled the amount on items since this photo was taken. Not to mention the fifty or so now hanging in his home.

The Remuera Bowling Club had a ‘make over' and had a bunch of various items, maps, photos etc they wanted on the wall. This is a good example of how a group can appear to look balanced without things actually being symmetrical. All of the frames are of differing sizes except for the two A4’s at each end of the second row (this group is about 2.4mtrs across by 1.4mtrs).

When all items are the same size its always a crisper, cleaner look to go with a grid. Logical minds tend to love this look as it has a sense of order. It's also very easy to add more. By the way, just in case you were thinking of trying this at home - a word of warning - don’t try using string. In fact, don’t try using string, cord, wire, cable or anything other than the ‘twinpin system’ for any of these examples shown. There’s approx 50 items in this group (4.0 mtrs x 1.7mtrs).
As with the top image that shows the use of random shapes and sizes, the success of this group depends for the most part on a good quantity of various sizes and shapes. But what adds to this group is that they are all the same ‘thing’ - gold mirrors. These are then arranged in a considered, ‘A-symmetrical’ layout. Much time was given to where each item would be located in relation to the next. Getting this right often takes as much time as hanging them.
Located in the waiting room of a private surgical clinic, and having the opportunity to be planned out prior to installing, this group of certificates and degrees were all framed exactly the same (same matt and frame). As with the mirrors in the above image, much time was taken to arrange the layout. Maintaining the same gap between each item conserves space as well as enhancing the overall look as one unified whole. (2.3 x 1.6mtrs)
Now here’s a funny thing, a photo montage over a stairwell with no photos. You might well ask the question ‘why would someone do such a thing?’ Well, after this client explained to me that she really wanted to get something happening but didnt know where to start, this all of a sudden sounded like not such a bad idea. Now all she needs to do is decide on the photos, then install them one at a time. Although there are over twenty frames in this montage, there are only six sizes.
In contrast to the above scenario, this client had a collection of about forty framed photos, different sizes, different shapes. And to make things interesting there was an iron hand rail and of course, a light switch. This montage needed to be laid out exactly before installing so as to plot the frames within those spacial obstacles. Once this had been confirmed, all that was then needed was to install the frames one after the other in order of proximtiy to the previous one.
Concrete block - a blessing when hanging large items, but a burden for small ones. For large heavy items concrete ensures good strengthwhen (and where-ever) anchors are inserted, no need to worry about where the studs are. On the other hand, small items (by ‘small’ I mean smaller than A4) need small fittings so as to sit relatively flat to the wall. However even the smallest plugs, bolts, drillbits etc... designed for concrete are all rather large. The solution is to redrill the hole in the hook big enough for a screw but not so big as to weaken the hook.
This group of awards is situated in the stairwell of 42 Below’s Auckland city HQ. Due to its height (over 6mtrs at deepest point) scaffolding was needed for installation. This meant that the stairwell was out of use for more than 8 hours. Another factor with large projects such as this is that the items at the top will not get that much visual attention and so each item needs consideration as to its final location. For example, if it’s important that it gets seen or read then put it front and centre. There would be about 60 items in this montage.


The Steadfastener
for heavy items into hollow walls
twin pin hooks